Get fully kitted by the world’s leading cricket coaches

Our level 4 certification is personally conducted by Gary Kirsten. This exclusive course is designed to help you craft winning strategies, learn directly from world-class coaches and equip you with the techniques and skills to confidently coach elite level cricket teams on the world’s biggest stages.


Gary Kirsten mentorship

Intimate learning experience and personal mentorship with Gary Kirsten


Course commitment

12-week intensive online course with +-5hrs commitment a week


World-class networking

Weekly peer-to-peer networking & engagement with elite coaches around the world


Live sessions

All live sessions are recorded and are available for the duration of the course


All access

Access a global coaching network, elite resources portal and a continued link to the groups of coaches on the online platform.


Elite certification

Certificate endorsed and signed by Gary Kirsten


Level 4: Course Contributors

Allan Donald Alan Donald
Alec Stewart Alec Stewart
Andrew Strauss Andrew Strauss
Andy Flower Andy Flower
Eric Simons Eric Simons
Glen Chapple Glen Chapple
Graeme Smith Graeme Smith
Jonty Rhodes Jonty Rhodes
Julia Price Julia Price
Justin Langer Justin Langer
Mark Boucher Mark Boucher
Mike Hussey Mike Hussey
Nathan Leamon Nathan Leamon
Ottis Gibson Otis Gibson
Owen Eastwood Owen Eastwood
Prasanna Agoram Prasanna Agoram
Rahul Dravid Rahul Dravid
Stephen Fleming Stephen Fleming
Tom Dawson-Squibb Tom Dawson-Squibb
Tom Moody Tom Moody


What can you expect

Engage with the best in a highly interactive online course

Get a deeper learning from interactive and engaging workshops, webinars and sessions led by Gary Kirsten and a selection of the world’s best players and coaches.

Elite access to elite resources and network

On completion of the elite course, you are granted full alumni status and gain access to our global coaching network, elite resources portal and a continued link to the groups of coaches on the online platform.

Personal input from Gary Kirsten

Get one-on-one mentoring sessions and personal feedback throughout the course from Gary Kirsten himself.

Network on a global level with world-class coaches

Join a global community as you network, connect and learn from other like-minded coaches from your cohort.

A course that is timed for you to perfect

The 12-week intensive online course is synchronous and provides regular interactions, group discussions, and face-to-face video calls. Everything is recorded for you to catch up or go over again.

Small class size for more engagement

With a limited class size of 25, this exclusive course makes for more in-depth learning.

Join an elite list of cricket coaches

Take the step up into the big leagues with a course that has been instrumental in
setting up elite cricket coaches around the world for cricket’s biggest stages.

 NameELITE CohortAchievement

Mike SmithCEA2ELITE Graduate
900 Club
Gareth FluskCEA3ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Graeme Beghin
CEA4ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Warren KirstenCEA2ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Peter Ross
CEA5ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Richard Gilbert
CEA4ELITE Graduate
900 Club
Richard Das Neves
CEA4ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Lee Meloy
CEA5ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Lorne Burns
CEA5ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Maarten MolenaarCEA3ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Piet Botha
CEA4ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Justin SammonsCEA2ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Jeremy Bray
CEA4ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Imraan KhanCEA2ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Stephen CookCEA1ELITE Graduate
900 Club

James HilditchCEA1ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Ryan Ten DoeschateCEA3ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Shane Burger
CEA4ELITE Graduate

Kushen Kishun
CEA4ELITE Graduate

Ian Stuart
CEA5ELITE Graduate

Mark CharltonCEA1ELITE Graduate

Carl BradfieldCEA1ELITE Graduate

Murray RangerCEA1ELITE Graduate

James Cameron DowCEA3ELITE Graduate

Scott JacksonCEA2ELITE Graduate

Calvin Waldron
CEA5ELITE Graduate

Rob Frylinck
CEA5ELITE Graduate

Daniel Seha
CEA5ELITE Graduate

Mduduzi Mbatha
CEA4ELITE Graduate

Garreth Von HoesslinCEA1ELITE Graduate

Chris NashCEA1ELITE Graduate

Matt Wood
CEA4ELITE Graduate

Morne Morkel
CEA4ELITE Graduate

Adam MilesCEA1ELITE Graduate

Robert Caine
CEA4ELITE Graduate

Gavin KaplanCEA2ELITE Graduate

Ryan HelbrechtCEA2ELITE Graduate

Justin KempCEA3ELITE Graduate

Callum AppleyardCEA2ELITE Graduate

Gerhard OosthuizenCEA3ELITE Graduate

Keith Dabengwa
CEA5ELITE Graduate

JP DuminyCEA2ELITE Graduate

Claire TerblancheCEA1ELITE Graduate

Wandile Gwavu
CEA4ELITE Graduate

Paras Mhambrey
CEA5ELITE Graduate

Conrad Du Toit
CEA4ELITE Graduate

Gary Glisson
CEA5ELITE Graduate

Dean Forword
CEA4ELITE Graduate

Tieho Matsoso
CEA5ELITE Graduate

Tom Jones
CEA4ELITE Graduate

Wesley Elliot
CEA5ELITE Graduate

Ross Van BuurenCEA3ELITE Graduate

Andrew Niblett
CEA5ELITE Graduate

George WienekusCEA2ELITE Graduate

Dinesha DevnerainCEA1ELITE Graduate

Husain BadatCEA1ELITE Graduate

JJ Strydom
CEA5ELITE Graduate

Frances SullivanCEA2ELITE Graduate

Paul EdgellerCEA3ELITE Graduate

Derek MitchellCEA1ELITE Graduate

Charlie Esson
CEA4ELITE Graduate

Rudolph BuysCEA2ELITE Graduate

Andrew BirchCEA1ELITE Graduate

Thabang KumaloCEA3ELITE Graduate

Aldin Smith
CEA5ELITE Graduate

Gideon Richter
CEA4ELITE Graduate

Rob Sholto DouglasCEA1ELITE Graduate

Ryan DeweyCEA2ELITE Graduate

Stephan MyburghCEA3ELITE Graduate

Itai Mapanzure
CEA4ELITE Graduate

Paul Ferreira
CEA5ELITE Graduate

Emiel Bam
CEA5ELITE Graduate

Abre VollgraaffCEA3ELITE Graduate

Murray SpenceCEA2ELITE Graduate

Liam TuckerCEA3ELITE Graduate

Ian HoptonCEA3ELITE Graduate

Paddy SteytlerCEA2ELITE Graduate

Kholikile MatkincaCEA1ELITE Graduate

Sravan DhulipalaCEA2ELITE Graduate

Martelize Van Der MerweCEA3ELITE Graduate

Alok SinghCEA3ELITE Graduate

Alex BarrowCEA1ELITE Graduate

Curtly DieselCEA1ELITE Graduate

Mthokozisi SheziCEA2ELITE Graduate

Giridar Rao
CEA4ELITE Graduate

Nqaba Matoti
CEA5ELITE Graduate

Hancke Von Rauenstein
CEA5ELITE Graduate

Upendra Kulkarni
CEA5ELITE Graduate

Vuyani ParafiniCEA2ELITE Graduate

Cameron Reid
CEA4ELITE Graduate

Keenan MitchellCEA3ELITE Graduate

George SamuelCEA2ELITE Graduate

Highly focused outcomes
for highly focused coaches:

  • Formulate your unique coaching philosophy
  • Plan, organize and run effective training sessions
  • Create and lead a high performing team culture
  • Modern techniques and methods across all the formats and skills
  • Set up and execute winning team strategies
  • Manage players and stakeholders in your team
  • Communicate and connect with players more effectively
  • Analyse and coach individual players to improved performance
  • Get a certificate endorsed and signed by Gary Kirsten
Testimonial Ryan Cook

There is no course quite like it.

“Getting on the ground mentorship from Gary and other leading coaches really helped me to craft a match day strategy that converted into results”

Ryan Cook | Netherland’s Coach
Testimonial Peter Ross

Career changing coaching.

“On the ground mentorship from Gary really helped me to craft a match day strategy that converted into results”

Peter Ross | Interim Head Coach of the Scotland Women’s Cricket Team

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