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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider CoachED as my cricket coach accreditation?

Individuals looking to advance their cricket coach education, or coaches looking for a credible cricket coaching accreditation, are now able to do so, simply and timeously from the comfort of their own homes, through the CoachED online programme.

The game of cricket has changed and this has impacted how we coach. CoachED has developed a coach education programme that not only addresses these changes in real-time, but also empowers coaches of all levels with the necessary skills and knowledge to advance both themselves, and the game.
CoachED modules are all short courses formulated in a learner-driven design so that coaches can benefit from cricket coaching skills, drills and tools that are tailored to their individual requirements. Coaches that successfully complete the CoachED accreditation exam will receive their digital certificate and feature on the CoachED database.

What do I get if I only buy the CoachED library package?

CoachED has a comprehensive library providing users with up-to-date, engaging and interactive content on all of the 11 modules covered. This includes information and drills on all the 11 modules available. Users will receive digital knowledge badges for all modules completed that can be shared on social media.

What will I get if I buy the CoachED accreditation package?

The CoachED accreditation is for coaches that want to further your career with credible cricket coaching certification. Testing is based on the extensive library content, with questions graded in increasing levels of difficulty. Upon successful completion, accredited coaches will be listed on the CoachED directory as qualification verification, as well as receiving members’ benefits – including access to the private CoachED resource group, discounts on additional content, practical workshops, e-commerce discounts and cricket coach recruitment opportunities.

I already have a Level 1 or Level 2 certification but can’t seem to progress any further with my coaching qualification. Will this help?

We’ve engaged with many coaches around the world and found that there is commonality in barriers to upgrading cricket coaching skills. CoachED has designed a holistic, scalable platform that addresses this, providing opportunities to upskill for coaches of all levels. If you are already accredited in your country, CoachED offers you specific additional subjects and topics which are not covered in traditional coaching badges as well as the chance to further knowledge and accreditation in-line with the modern trends of the game.

Is the CoachED accreditation recognised globally?

CoachED is built on the knowledge of internationally acclaimed cricket coach Gary Kirsten and a highly experienced team of coaches who have coached around the world. CoachED contains all the information that is current, relevant and required for coaches working with teams and players of any age or experience.

CoachED has no affiliation to any other cricketing federation making it a true global coach education platform that has no bias and provides unrestricted access to any coaches wishing gain the required knowledge to become a cricket coach.

I am a qualified level 1, 2, 3 or 4 cricket coach. Where does CoachED measure up against these qualifications?

CoachED complements any existing cricket coach certifications, knowledge and experience. CoachED aims to provide access for those coaches wanting to stay relevant and updated with modern coaching trends and coach education. Gary Kirsten and the team of coaching professionals provide access, through the CoachED platform to internationally relevant information as well as a community of global coaches who are able to share insights and ideas on the game and how best to coach it. It is the perfect continued professional development platform for qualified cricket coaches globally.

How many levels are there in the course?

CoachED has NO levels. We believe in providing all the relevant cricket coaching information to those who need it, when they need it. CoachED provides unrestricted access to all information and allows you to navigate to the content that is of most interest to you. Upon successful completion of the accreditation exam, coaches will be accredited.

Is the course only open to coaches or can players and parents also complete it?

CoachED provides unrestricted access to coaches, parents and players. The CoachED library and CoachED accreditations are open to everyone who would like to further their cricket knowledge, enhance their current qualification or take their professional coaching career to the next level.

How long does the course take to complete?

CoachED is learner driven and provides full access to all of the information required to complete the accreditation exam. You are able to progress through the library and exams at your own speed and in the convenience of your own home. Being fully online, you can take the time you need. Your library access will be valid for 12 months from the date of enrolment, thereafter there will be a membership fee payable to keep your subscription active and provide access to the library information.

What if I don’t pass the accreditation exam?

CoachED understands that we don’t always get things right the first time and you are permitted to take the accreditation exam once more should you not get the required percentage to pass the exam. Should you fail both attempts at the exam, you will need to purchase another exam module for a further two attempts to pass. We at CoachED want to provide you with the best opportunity to further your coaching career.

What is the difference between the normal CoachED accreditation and the Elite Accreditation?

CoachED aims to provide a progressive learning pathway for all cricket coaches, players and parents of any level and experience. The CoachED Elite Accreditation package is for coaches who wish to take their learning to the next level. This features live, interactive, web-based sessions with Gary Kirsten. Enrollees, under the direct mentorship of Gary Kirsten, will form part of an Elite CoachED Resource Group with more advanced questions requiring submissions of video practicals and written tests. The Elite Accreditation CoachED package will only be available to a limited number of coaches during the three-month enrollment period.

Can I upgrade from the CoachED library package to the CoachED accreditation package?

Yes, you are able to purchase the CoachED accreditation package at anytime to enable you to access the exam and accreditation benefits. However, you will only be able to do the CoachED accreditation upgrade once you’ve purchased the CoachED library package.

Are there CoachED library and accreditation bundles available for schools, academies and other institutions?

Yes, CoachED is the perfect way to get all your cricket coaches aligned and up to date with the same information, qualification and access. Please reach out to our CoachED team on, should you wish to take advantage of our bulk purchase options.

When do I get my certificate from CoachED?

CoachED will share your digital certificate as soon as you successfully complete the CoachED accreditation or CoachED Elite accreditation. Once the accreditation has been achieved, coaches will be listed on the international CoachED coaches directory.

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