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The CoachED Level 2 Certification Online Course is the best way to get certified as a cricket coach and therefore, the next step towards your coaching success.

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If you take your cricket coaching career seriously, then the CoachED Level 2 Certification is for you!

The CoachED Level 2 Certification is a comprehensive online course designed to equip cricket coaches with the most effective and relevant coaching skills, drills and information therefore providing you with all you need when working with cricket players of all age groups and levels.

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coachED level 2 certification


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Modules Covered

01 Batting

Batting is an intricate skill which takes years to master.

Batsman face technical, mental and tactical demands which all have an effect on performance. Coaching batting requires a deep understanding in the linking of principles, methods and strategies in order to put runs on the board. This holistic module provides information to comprehend this complex element and simplify it for players and coaches alike. In addition to the various shots, this wide-ranging module also includes error detection and drills as well as game sense strategies to compliment a full array of batsman skillset.
02 Bowling

World class bowlers have an ability to control the ball and the game.

To be an effective bowler one needs to understand the dynamics of technique and tactics. From pace bowlers to spinners, this module offers details from the basic actions to variations and field settings. A coach will not only be equipped with ways to detect errors precisely but also methods to remedy these with appropriate drill work to improve performance. With a thorough and holistic view this module provides an expert account into the art and science of bowling.
03 Fielding

Fielding has evolved in recent years and more emphasis is being placed on this aspect of the game.

Both players and Coaches are recognizing the importance of an improved fielding standard and the details in the technique needed to execute a high level. A high level of understanding of ground fielding, throwing and catching needs to be present in any coach’s toolkit. The content and manner in which one conducts fielding sessions can increase performance and bring value to individual players and benefit the team as a whole.
04 Leadership & Captaincy

Coaching is a significant responsibility.

This requires a diverse set of skills and understanding of team culture, communication and providing direction and leadership. The ability to manage captains, players, stakeholders and support staff all play a pivotal role in a team’s success. Effective coaches lead individuals and teams towards a vision which optimizes their potential.
05 Mental

Cricket is a unique sport in regards to the mental game.

The duration of the match, intervals of intensity as well as the relationship with failure all provide complexities in the mind. Quality information regarding this topic is guarded and misunderstood. By preparing players mentally, coaches can give them the best chance of success as a team and individuals. By using these tried and tested methods and models coaches will improve their ability to facilitate learning and understand their players to aid in concentration and managing pressure associated with performance.
06 Player Performance Management

Managing players is a vital skill for a coach to possess.

Each individual is different, but all fit within the team. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a player and his role within a team is important to improve performance. Knowing when and how to intervene and communicate is often what makes the difference in the players performing on the field. There are many internal and external influences on a player’s performance. These can range across a spectrum of topics and are important for a coach to be aware of.
07 Physical

The physical aspect of the game emphasises the importance of the kinetic chain to execute the skills needed in cricket.

In the modern game, players and coaches have placed an increased focus on athletic ability in order to seek a competitive advantage. Strength and conditioning, nutrition and recovery are all elements which must be considered when having a holistic view on a players’ development. This module not only provides methods for assessing physical conditioning but also solutions to improve players performance and reduce the risk of injury.
08 Season Management

All Coaches need to have an ability to manage sessions as well as teams throughout the season.

This module dives into great detail on the considerations to take into account to manage different age groups in various sessions and the correct time to do this along the player performance timeline.
09 Tactical

Cricketing skill needs a diverse combination of technical and physical skills …

but in order for them to be effective both players and coaches need to take tactical considerations of the game into account. With a large degree of variability in cricket, often the conditions, situations and formats which one is faced with change from day to day. It is thus imperative to have a good understanding of these to provide solutions and improve performance. In this interactive module, we take an in depth look into managing these variables with excellence.
10 Wicket Keeping

The wicket keeper is a vital position in a cricket team.

In order to be a proficient wicket keeper one needs to have a fluid coordination of movement which requires great ability and learning. understanding of the nuances of technique and tactics. Performance of a wicket keeper can determine the result of the game and thus emphasis must be placed on this skill. This module takes an in depth look into the challenges these players face and provides insights into the nuances of technique and tactics needed to perform with the gloves.
Graeme Beghin

“This course is unparalleled in its content, the IP, guest speakers and the platform you used. The CoachED team are brilliant at making everyone feel part of the group and encourage people to share into the learning space.”

Graeme Beghin | ELITE Graduate

JP Duminy

“Loved the emphasis being about the art of coaching which boils down to how important relationships are. Some really great authentic conversation where we could share our experiences with one another. As always its important to facilitate good conversation with good questions. Very encouraging and really grateful to have a great mentor in Gary and to have him in my corner.”

JP Duminy | ELITE Graduate

“I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the CoachED family and upgrading my coaching skills. Thanks for creating this platform and making coaching education more accessible.”

Ananya Upendran | Accreditation Graduate