Mindsets for Excellence Course

By Tom Dawson-Squibb

The ‘Mindsets for Excellence Course’ is designed to inform you about how to coach your players to more consistently think and behave in a way that allows them to succeed.

This is a 6-week course run by Performance coach Tom Dawson-Squibb. It is designed specifically for coaches curious as to how to extract more from their players and who want to understand more about how to change mindsets and behaviours.

NEXT COHORT Starts 9th MAY 2022

Applications close on 5th MAY 2022.
Space is limited.

Who is this course for?

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Course Includes:

  • Next Cohort starts 9th May 2022
  • Cohort Max 30 people
  • 6-week online course
  • 3-4 hours per week
    (includes a 90-minute live session p/w)
  • Certificate of completion
  • English
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Topics covered


Understanding yourself and how to get into flow


Dealing with pressure and how to thrive in it


Building confidence in players


Managing yourself as a coach


Building routines and habits to enhance performance


Introduction to the course

Create the framework for learning and how we will take on this journey.

Self awareness for success

How to continuously learn more about yourself in order to improve performance. Tools that can be used, processes put in place and how to make self awareness a cornerstone of your success.

Dealing with pressure

What are some of the things you can say or do when it comes to working with players who battle under pressure or with fear of failure.

Confidence creation

What can you put in place to build confidence within your players and yourself as a coach, on an ongoing basis.

Sustainable progress and success – Habit forming

How to build targets, goals, habits, routines and rituals for players and coaches that will allow for more consistency.

Application of learning

In this module we will close out the course with questions, an assignment hand in and allow you to create your own model for coaching mindsets and behaviours.

Your Instructor

Tom Dawson-Squibb

Tom Dawson-Squibb is a performance coach and teaming specialist with 15 years experience of working in sports performance. He has helped numerous sportsmen and women individually, and in teams, gain more awareness and ultimately, perform more consistently.

Tom runs his own business and works across multiple sports and industries.

He has worked at the IPL, MSL as well as with South African cricket franchise teams. Along with this he has worked as leadership and performance coach at both The Stormers and Melbourne Rebels in Super Rugby, as well as been head coach of both cricket and rugby teams.


Carl Bradfield

“After taking the Mindsets for Excellence course I feel I can tackle player challenges more effectively. I have grown the belief in who I am and what I stand for which has increased my confidence and I am feeling more confident to give my opinion when asked”.

Carl Bradfield | South African cricketer

“The course content was up to date with the latest market trends, Tom’s energy was magnetic and enjoyable and I met some great people all wanting the best for coaching which prompted even more learnings.”

Dharshan Naran

“Thought provoking and transformational.”

Paul Ferreira

JP Duminy

“I enjoyed the curiosity of diving deep into various aspects of the mind and how important authentic relationships are. The emphasis of how coaching is far more than just bat, ball and field. I also enjoyed the tools and techniques which were shared to deal with various situations.”

JP Duminy | South African cricketer

“I feel that I have moved to the next level and can work closely with players for helping in improving their positive mindset towards the game along with developing cricket skills.”

Siddarth Vishwakarma | Tennis Player

“Engaging, challenging and refreshing!”

Patrick Smith

“Superbly run with so much professionalism. The content was so thought provoking and really has me thinking a lot more about how I am going to interact with my players and people in general.”

Jeremy Bray | Australian-Irish cricketer

Frances Sullivan

“The Mindsets for Excellence course triggers a deeper awareness of the environment in which we coach, thereafter providing various systems to then apply to such environments forming mindsets for excellence.”

Frances Sullivan | Level 3 Cricket Australia Coach

“I enjoyed the activities that Tom gave us through those webinars – even though I found them very daunting. I liked the opportunity to actually “practice coaching”, and that’s certainly something I hope to continue to do.”

Ananya Upendran

“I feel able to apply some mental models to my own coaching and be able to help my players with the mental side of the game.”

Ian Hopton

Mindsets for Excellence Course

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