Mindsets for Excellence Course

By Tom Dawson-Squibb

The ‘Mindsets for Excellence Course’ is designed to inform you about how to coach your players to more consistently think and behave in a way that allows them to succeed.

This is a 6-week course run by Performance coach Tom Dawson-Squibb. It is designed specifically for coaches curious as to how to extract more from their players and who want to understand more about how to change mindsets and behaviours.

Who is this course for?


Course Includes:

  • Cohort Max 30 people
  • 6-week online course
  • 3-4 hours per week
    (includes a 90-minute live session p/w)
  • 24th January 2022 – 6th March 2022
  • Certificate of completion
  • English
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Topics covered


Understanding yourself and how to get into flow


Dealing with pressure and how to thrive in it


Building confidence in players


Managing yourself as a coach


Building routines and habits to enhance performance


Introduction to the course

Create the framework for learning and how we will take on this journey.

Self awareness for success

How to continuously learn more about yourself in order to improve performance. Tools that can be used, processes put in place and how to make self awareness a cornerstone of your success.

Dealing with pressure

What are some of the things you can say or do when it comes to working with players who battle under pressure or with fear of failure.

Confidence creation

What can you put in place to build confidence within your players and yourself as a coach, on an ongoing basis.

Sustainable progress and success – Habit forming

How to build targets, goals, habits, routines and rituals for players and coaches that will allow for more consistency.

Application of learning

In this module we will close out the course with questions, an assignment hand in and allow you to create your own model for coaching mindsets and behaviours.

Your Instructor

Tom Dawson-Squibb

Tom Dawson-Squibb is a performance coach and teaming specialist with 15 years experience of working in sports performance. He has helped numerous sportsmen and women individually, and in teams, gain more awareness and ultimately, perform more consistently.

Tom runs his own business and works across multiple sports and industries.

He has worked at the IPL, MSL as well as with South African cricket franchise teams. Along with this he has worked as leadership and performance coach at both The Stormers and Melbourne Rebels in Super Rugby, as well as been head coach of both cricket and rugby teams.


“Tom Dawson-Squibb was the leadership and performance coach of the Melbourne Rebels Rugby Union Team for the 2018 and 2019 season. He has a very positive and inquisitive nature, which resonates, through his work and the environment in which he operates. Tom’s ability to invoke change and deliver concepts and ideas was both innovative and invaluable to the rugby program. Playing a key role in developing the current and future leaders of the club, I believe his work has challenged and reshaped the way we communicate and lead. It was a pleasure working with Tom. His coaching will have a lasting impact on the club.”

Tomas English | Melbourne Rebels Rugby Union Club

“I have been working with Tom for the last 4 years and I can say that without a doubt, if it were not for the countless hours we have worked together, my life would be very different. Firstly I would not be a professional rugby player – I do not have the freakish talent or outlandish genetics and secondly I would not have been able to win trophies in the professional environment. In professional sport all athletes train extremely hard and are coached by experts, but it is your mental strength and state that will win your game or beat your opponent. I think the most important thing about Tom is that he knows how to win. His competitive nature is a great asset to his work. In the last 3 years I have been part of 3 different teams and have won 3 trophies – Tom was extremely involved in all 3 campaigns, working with the team as a whole and on a 1 on 1 basis with all the players. Working with Tom is always fun and enjoyable; he has an amazing gift of bringing a team together and creating a positive environment. I still to this day regularly work with Tom to strengthen and refine parts of my game. If I were a coach , Tom would be the first person I would hire.”

Nic Groom | Professional Rugby player

“Tom Dawson-Squibb worked as our performance coach at the Melbourne Rebels during the 2019 season. He was a great addition to our group, bringing great energy and enthusiasm to the workplace every day. Tom is a great story teller and public speaker, he is always keen to inspire, sharing lessons and stories with the group to help us grow. Tom implemented key strategies for our players to use individually and as a collective while performing under pressure in games. He is always keen to learn and grow himself, taking the opportunity to spend time at other elite sporting clubs while in Melbourne. As a first year captain, Tom was someone I relied on heavily for advice. He would help me with my language and messaging to the playing group. I am a better leader having worked with Tom.”

Dayne Haylett-Petty | Wallaby Rugby International

“Tom Dawson-Squibb was a genuine edge for our team that we needed, if we were to have a chance to succeed not only this year but in the future. I am a massive believer in the the mental side of the game, and used a lot of the tools and advice afforded to me by Tom. Tom helped to me to design and construct my own weekly preparation plan which gave me the confidence to be able to perform at an acceptable level consistently which was something I struggled with in the past. I was often found chasing Tom around weekly for a chat as I know how important this was not only for my performance on the field but off it as well. In a year where a lot didn’t go to plan, I was able to grow in areas such as leadership and self belief where I didn’t think possible, in a year where it could have been easy to give up and become distracted. From a group perspective, I believe that the messages from Tom from discussions had with other players were definitely taken on board enthusiastically where the traditional method would be to do more bicep curls rather than visualisation, Triple A, accept compliments from others, gratitude and reflection.”

Matt Philip | Wallaby Rugby International

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tom during the Ikey Tigers successful 2011 Varsity Cup campaign. I have been impressed by his passion, his intellect, his obvious thirst for knowledge and his search for new ideas. He is not someone who is comfortable with a fixed way of educating athletes. Instead he tries continuously to improve himself and his craft.”

Professor Tim Noakes | Sports Science Institute of South Africa

“I have worked with Tom Dawson-Squibb for a large part of 2015 and he has made a significant impact with his professional, innovative and effective mental training programme which he successfully implanted at the Sharks (PTY) Ltd – Rugby Division. I would strongly recommend Tom, for any future positions that require his skillset. Tom was entrusted with a great deal of responsibility and succeeded in reaching his key performance goals. I have had the opportunity to observe Tom’s professional skills as well as interpoersonal style. He is consistently pleasant, and takes on all assignments with enthusiasm and dedication. I wish that all my co-workers had his attitude. Regardless of deadlines or other pressure, Tom always delivers. His superior organizational skills make him the consummate multi-tasker. I know that Tom will add value with any future organisation that wishes to employ him!”

Gary Gold | USA Rugby Coach

Gary Kirsten

“I have enjoyed working with Tom and feel he will add value in any High Performance environment. I have been impressed by the way he delivers his expertise and knowledge and feel it would give many a clear understanding and purpose around how to advance their chosen careers.”

Gary Kirsten | Former South Africa & India Cricket Coach

“The two most significant reasons for my growth as a coach have been the access to incredible mentors and the “work” I have done with Tom. His ability to challenge my thinking, promote self awareness and be constant support is unmatched. He is on the forefront of his craft with both individuals and teams and his ability to connect people and ideas is unique and remarkable.”

Ryan Cook | International Coach

Mindsets for Excellence Course

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