Terblanche reappointed as Starlights head coach for WSL

CoachED Cricket Online coaching alumni Claire Terblanche has been reappointed as the head coach of the Starlights for the upcoming Women’s Super League from 14-16 December in Cape Town.

Terblanche, who is the current head coach of the Western Province women’s team, was part of the previous ELITE Accreditation cohort and still looks back on the course as an important stepping stone for his career.

“CoachED has helped to solidify my confidence in what I am doing as a coach and how I am approaching my coaching,” Terblanche said. “Also, the new insights and wealth of knowledge gained from all the guest speakers throughout the ELITE CoachED course has really opened me up to becoming more tactically aware and I’m planning to implement what I’ve soaked up during the course, throughout the tournament.”

After the first edition of the competition last year, Terblanche is looking forward to the challenges of this year’s tournament.

“It’s really exciting to be re-appointed to head up the Starlights team again.”

“We had a tough but eventful tournament last year and I’m looking forward to hopefully be working with some of those same players again, being more prepared for what we can expect at this level.”

The tournament will implement a draft system for the first time this year which is a new concept that Terblanche and her team of coaches are going to have to get their heads around.

“Some planning has started but this is definitely new to the female environment, so it should be a really exciting experience!”

“I’m lucky enough to be in an office with coaches who have drafted for the MSL so I’ll be asking for guidance from those coaches and we’ll take it from there, so you’ll have to tune in to the live draft on the night!”

Having another opportunity to coach in a professional environment is an exciting prospect for Terblanche. She is looking forward to the challenge but also the opportunity to grow as a coach.

“To be honest, every role I am appointed to or get the opportunity to look after a team is important to me as a coach, as all the different roles allow me growth within my coaching.”

“Being around different environments, exposed to different people and players means that as a coach you have to adapt and that for me is growth on the job,” she added.

Given her role in the competition and the significance of the competition, Terblanche does use a trusted group of people as her sounding board.

“There are a few trusted people I go to for advice, so I get a clear all round picture of any situation or path that I am wanting to take or player advice I’m wanting to give.”

“It’s always good to bounce ideas off someone who you can trust and luckily I have a few good bodies around me.”

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