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CoachED Batting Library

Batting is an intricate skill which takes years to master.

Batsman face technical, mental and tactical demands which all have an effect on performance. Coaching batting requires a deep understanding in the linking of principles, methods and strategies in order to put runs on the board. This holistic module provides information to comprehend this complex element and simplify it for players and coaches alike. In addition to the various shots, this wide-ranging module also includes error detection and drills as well as game sense strategies to compliment a full array of batsman skillset.

The Batting module covers the following:

CoachED Library

Batting Set Up

Front Foot Straight Bat Shots

Front Foot Horizontal Bat ShotsRegister to this free SAMPLE LESSON

Drills for Front Foot Shots

Back Foot Straight Bat Shots

Back Foot Horizontal Bat Shots

Drills for Back Foot Shots

Situations – Different Batting Positions

Playing Spin

Drills for Playing Spin

Game Sense

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