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This is the cricket coaching Global Level 3 Certification you have been waiting for!

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Global Level 3 Certification Overview

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The CoachED Global Level 3 Certification Online Course will take your cricket coaching to the next level. Learn the art of coaching with our 11 module course, which will provide you with the tools, knowledge and skills to help your players thrive! Compiled by world renowned cricket coach Gary Kirsten, and facilitated by the best CoachED ELITE Coaches, the Global Level 3 course is fully online and uses state of the art digital tools to engage a limited cohort of 50 coaches in an intense 8-week course, which takes place 5 times a year.

Course Includes:

  • Intimate learning experience and personal mentorships
  • 8-Week intensive online course
  • Coaches, mentors and attendees from across the world
  • Examinations and Assignments to put knowledge into practice
  • Access to resources, workshops & live sessions from the world’s best players & coaches
  • Team interactions for peer to peer learning and collaboration

Get Access to:

  • The full CoachED Library plus additional content
  • The Accreditation Examinations plus additional Assignments
  • Group Discussion Forums
  • Live Mentorship Sessions
  • All the Live and Recorded Changeroom Chat Webinars
  • Plus more …
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You will be guided through the course with live webinars with Gary Kirsten and one-on-one mentoring sessions with the best CoachED ELITE Coaches. The course includes assignments, interactions, group discussions, and face-to-face video calls which are entirely facilitated online.

The CoachED Global Level 3 Certification is created to provide you, the aspiring professional coach, the ability to access and enhance your cricket knowledge from the best players and coaches in the world. It will certainly improve how you communicate and connect with the your players and the systems around them as a result growing your players, inspiring your teams and leading your systems to better performance.

The Global Level 3 Certification is run by Gary Kirsten and the CoachED team. Admission is limited to 50 candidates per cohort.

Is it for ME?

The CoachED Global Level 3 Certification is for coaches from all over the world wanting to sharpen their thinking and add more skills to their coaching toolkits. It is for cricket coaches wanting access to advanced information and skill sets. The CoachED Global Level 3 Certification curriculum uses a blend of theory and applied learning based on your experience combined with newly acquired information with the aim to produce a knowledgeable, holistic and highly capable professional coach.

The course fee can be paid by you, your organisation or sponsors.

What's in the PROGRAM?

Example of the Global Level 3 Certification 8 week program

Guest speakers for upcoming intakes may vary, depending on their availability and skill sets.

Introduction and Orientation

Webinar with Gary Kirsten

Week 1:

  • Modules to be released: (These must be completed by end of week 4 to progress)
    • Player Performance Management
    • Batting
    • Fielding
    • Season Management (Game debrief / Session Plan assignment)
    • Tactical
  • Dissertation Assignment to Start
  • Discussion forums to begin

Week 2:

  • Webinar with Gary Kirsten: Touch base with Q and A as well as explain dissertation and expectations
  • Mentor sessions with Elite coaches setup and confirmed

Week 3:

  • Mentor sessions with Elite coaches to be conducted
  • Discussion forums interaction

Week 4:

  • Dissertation draft 1 to be handed in
  • Batting Analysis assignment to be handed in
  • Season Management assignment to be handed in
  • Communication on next 4 weeks to be sent out

Week 5:

  • Modules to be released:
    • Wicket Keeping
    • Leadership and Captaincy
    • Physical
    • Bowling (Group Assignment Analysis released)
    • Mental (Model Assignment released)
  • Discussion forum with question(s) for these modules to open up

Week 6:

  • Webinar with Gary Kirsten: Question and Answer session

Week 7:

  • 2nd Mentor sessions with Elite coaches to be conducted

Week 8:

  • Dissertation – Final Draft to be handed in
  • Bowling Analysis assignment to be handed in
  • Mental assignment to be handed in
  • Communication on Graduation sent out

CoachED Global Level 3 Certification requires approximately 4 hours per week in order to extract the most value from the course. All “live” sessions are recorded for future reference later, if there is a clash in your schedule or time zone, you can catch up. There are deadlines for the submission of examinations and assignments and all need to be completed by the closing date of the course in order to be qualified for marking.

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This is the Global Level 3 Coaching Certificate you have been looking for!