Gary Kirsten Foundation coaches making strides through CoachED

GK Foundation coaches making strides through CoachED

Amongst the graduates of the recent CoachED Cricket Online Coaching Elite Accreditation programme was Kholekile Matikinca, while fellow development coach Vuyani Parafini, backed by the Gary Kirsten Foundation, is in the current intake of Elite Accreditation candidates.

Both coaches have come through the Gary Kirsten Foundation and play an important role in coaching the next generation of Proteas stars.

Kholekile Matikinca has been a stalwart of the Langa Cricket Club and has personified the relationship between the Gary Kirsten Foundation and the township-based cricket hub.

Matikinca was elected as their player-coach in 2017-18 and has since completed the CoachED Elite Accreditation course.

The 32 year-old jumped at the idea of taking part in the Elite Accreditation course and found that he had to take in so much quality information.

“I knew that the Elite Accreditation course was going to be good, but it was great,” Matikinca said. “There was a lot more to learn than I expected but to be learning from the best minds in the game was something you would not get anywhere else.”

“I am using what I learnt already which just goes to show how good the information and skills are that we were taught.”

Going into the course Matikinca was focused mainly on the skills that came with coaching but found that he learnt more about the game of cricket away from the skills aspect during the twelve weeks.

“Batting was going to be my main focus and it was a long module for us but learning about the mental side of the game with Tom Dawson-Squibb opened my eyes to other aspects of the game that are just as important.”

“The team culture and environment module is something else that really hit home and I learnt a huge amount from that,” he added.

Vuyani Parafini took part in the CoachED Accreditation course recently and has now graduated to the Elite Accreditation.

He has come through the development coaching ranks and the 36 year-old feels this is just the tonic that his career needed at this stage.

“The CoachED courses are really opening my eyes to the fact that I thought I knew a lot more than I do!” Parafini said.

“I have been coaching for 20 years and through CoachED I realise that the more you learn shows how much you don’t know.”

“Just through doing the Accreditation course I realised that there is so much more to the game and coaching that I need to learn.”

From his days as a Grade 11 coaching at the Khayalitsha Cricket Club to his days now with the Parklands High School First XI, Parafini believes that the CoachED course will make him a far better coach.

“Just looking at the mental approach to the game I know that I can use that in the township,” he explained. “The players in the township understand the technical approach and are coached that but there isn’t enough focus on the mental side of cricket.”

“For me personally I feel it’s helped me learn about new aspects of coaching as well as relearn things that I knew in a different way.”

The next intake for the CoachED Elite Accreditation course has already started the course and is fully subscribed.

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