Cricket Coaching that Reaches the Heart of SA

Coaching That Reaches the heart of Cricket in South Africa.

For thousands of school children across South Africa, 2020 has deprived them of competitive sport completely due to the covid-19 pandemic, but what has been an unfortunate season lost for many has given coaches the opportunity to reflect and make changes to the way in which they prepare.

The end of 2020 has seen coaches and schools pile their energies into getting their next crop of cricketers ready for the 2021 season and despite the lack of matches, players and coaches have had a defined pre-season to get them prepared for next year.

Over the year the CoachED Cricket Online Cricket coaches programme has been invaluable for many coaches who have been restricted to their offices. The programme has been a shining light for many coaches who have been searching for renewed energy and a different way of approaching cricket coaching.

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