CoachED subscription model makes online learning more accessible

CoachED subscription model makes online learning more accessible

As the CoachED Cricket online coaching platform continues to grow in popularity across the globe, the decision has been made to add a monthly subscription for those coaches that are looking to grow – but at their own pace.

Within the platform there are three options open to coaches, starting with the ELITE Accreditation, which provides coaches that are looking to move into that upper tier of coaches a twelve week course that engages some of the sport’s greatest coaching minds.

The second option is the Accreditation option which is another course that coaches can take in order to learn and grow in an environment where they will engage with other coaches and the content in the CoachED library.

Thirdly, coaches can request access to the CoachED library. This is a portal where eleven modules are available to the coach to go through in their own time.

“The thinking behind creating this subscription option was to give coaches easier access to the eleven modules, but also to give them the chance to cover what they need when they want to.” – CoachED founder Gary Kirsten

“The beauty of the subscription option is that the coach will have access to the library throughout the year and it provides coaches with another mechanism to become better coaches.”

The subscription is set at R150 or $9 per month for full access to modules from batting, to fielding, to bowling and all the other aspects involved in cricket and coaching.

For Kirsten hopes that once coaches have access to the platform in their own time that they will want to move onto something more formal from an accreditation perspective.

“The subscription allows for the natural progression to a certification,”
he explained. “The intention is that coaches then say that the next step is to get a certification as a CoachED accredited coach.”

“The ease with which coaches can now get the information that they want will hopefully grow the fire in them to become the best coach they possibly can be.”

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