CoachED giving private coached the edge

CoachED giving private coaches the edge

As the new intake of the CoachED Cricket ELITE Accreditation enrolees work through the twelve week online cricket coach education course, private coach and Durban academy owner Husain Badat says that he found the ELITE Accreditation invaluable.

The former cricketer has been involved in coaching for over twelve years and felt like he got to the stage where he needed to do something more. He had achieved his CSA Level Two in 2009 and felt stagnant until he turned to the CoachED ELITE Accreditation course.

“The question I continuously asked myself was ‘how can I continue to improve and enhance my coaching ability?'” he said.

“During my twelve years of coaching, I have coached at various schools, clubs and academies, both locally and abroad. In 2014, I launched the ELITE Cricket Academy which provides private cricket coaching services to individuals and organisations in the greater Durban area.”

“As a coach, in the last few years I felt as if I reached a plateau within my coaching environment.”

“The game of cricket has rapidly evolved and there is a lack of coaching education and resources available to continue to enhance the knowledge of coaches.”

“Quite simply, coaches want to improve themselves in order to provide a higher quality of coaching which in turn will produce higher skilled and prepared players,” he explained.

For Badat the search led him to CoachED but he says he was sceptical at first, but the team provided him with the reassurance that he needed heading into the course.

“I personally came across the CoachED platform on Instagram but I was still uncertain about what it entailed. I mean, there are numerous coaching resources online but you never really know what the content is going to entail or how beneficial it’s going to be to the end user.”

“After enquiring about the course, I received a lengthy phone call which provided me with insight into what the course will entail as well as the different accreditation options. Being the cricket addict that I am it was a matter of go big or go home – ELITE Accreditation here I come!”

Following the intense twelve weeks of learning, engaging and understanding from some of the world’s the greatest cricketing minds, Badat is still trying to wrap his head around all that he experienced.

“It’s been a month since I have successfully completed the course and I am still trying to digest all the knowledge and learning which took place.”

“Over and above the prestigious guests that Gary (Kirsten) brought on board, the silver lining for me was having the personal one-on-one sessions with Gary himself throughout the program.”

“This was inspirational and a real game-changer as it was very specific to me as an individual and coach.”

From not knowing where he was going with his coaching to a revitalised approach to the game and his outlook on it, Badat feels that any coach whether they be private or in the public sphere must do the course.

“This CoachED journey has been life changing for me both on and off the field. It has given me a totally different perspective on how I see things and I would strongly recommend all cricket coaches to sign up and become part of the CoachED family,” he mentioned.

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