Feature Journalism

Online Short Course

From the University of Cape Town (UCT) in collaboration with GetSmarter.

Gain the tools, techniques, and insights you need to enhance your writing skills and build a career as a feature journalist.
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Find out what it takes to become a better writer and build a career in journalism on the Feature Journalism online short course from the University of Cape Town (UCT). Over 10 weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your writing skills as you learn to research, write, and sell your feature journalism to different publications.

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Who is this course for?

  • Those wishing to expand their professional writing expertise by acquiring in-depth research and interviewing skills
  • Journalists hoping to improve their readers’ experience by refining their structuring and editing knowledge
  • Anyone looking to enter into the journalism industry with a firm grasp of publishing, payment, and copyright considerations
  • Experienced journalists seeking to validate their feature journalism skills and expand their writing network

Feature Journalism online short course

ZAR 11,900 (South African Rands)

Course Includes:

  • 10 weeks, excluding 1 week orientation
  • 7–10 hours of self-paced learning per week, entirely online
  • No prerequisites
  • Certificate of completion
  • English
  • 15% CoachED discount coupon code: COACH15
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Module 1

Introduction to feature journalism

Take an in-depth look at the world of feature journalism and its many facets, as well as the lifestyle of feature assignments.

Module 2

The form and function of features

Find out how to define journalism, as you practice the different forms of writing associated with it.

Module 3

Developing feature story ideas

Delve deeper into the inner workings of the journalism industry, as you learn to analyze what exactly qualifies as newsworthy or feasible.

Module 4

Researching the feature article

Explore the many different research methods and techniques, as you learn to evaluate information sources and workable story ideas.

Module 5

Interviewing for feature journalism

Uncover the most effective interviewing techniques for feature journalism, and investigate the social politics behind every interview.

Module 6

Essential elements of feature articles

Learn about the six basic questions feature articles need to answer, as well as the importance of including an angle, atmosphere, facts, and storytelling.

Module 7

Language and structure

Find out what’s required when it comes to planning your structure and lead-in paragraphs.

Module 8

Editing your article for style and clarity

Gain key insights as you discover how to edit your feature article and learn more about depth and surface reading.

Module 9

Journalistic ethics

Explore the ethics and responsibilities that come with applying media freedom, as well as important restrictions on freedom of speech.

Module 10

Selling your writing

Find out how best to locate and analyze potential publishing markets, work with editors, and submit story proposals.

GetSmarter Dr Ronald Irwin

Your Course Convenor

Dr Ronald Irwin

Senior Lecturer of Media Studies and Production, The Centre for Film and Media Studies, UCT

Dr Irwin is a professional lecturer and writer. He was the writer-in-residence for UCT’s prestigious Master of Arts in creative writing in 2008, after teaching in the program for 10 years. He has taught in the Centre for Film and Media Studies since 2009. Irwin is the author of the novel Flat Water Tuesday, and has written dozens of online and offline articles for outlets such as CNN, Men’s Health, and Brandchannel.


“This course has equipped me with the tools I need to be able to write a high-quality article for my channel of choice. The video tutorials, as well as the additional video material, provide a solid basis for the learning experience, and I found the course notes to be comprehensive without being overwhelming.”

Eugene Seegers | Past Student

“The biggest lesson I learnt was to think less (and to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’) when it comes to writing – it is the only way to be truly original. You can check facts and grammar later, just get it out there, onto paper, and then go back and use a bit of common sense. Don’t think, just write!”

Klara Loots | Past Student

“This course content has equipped me with the new skills to approach a different market and establish myself as an entrepreneur within the feature journalism arena. The online environment is a wonderful space and experience; such courses are especially helpful if you’re also employed full time. This course made me think about where my writing strengths and interests lie. Peer reviews and feedback definitely help you gain insight into your writing, and highlight areas in which you can improve. I would definitely do another online course with GetSmarter!”

Jackie de Vos | Freelance copy-editor

Feature Journalism

From the University of Cape Town (UCT) in collaboration with GetSmarter.