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CoachED ELITE Alumni

Celebrating the graduates of the CoachED ELITE Course!

  NameELITE CohortAchievement

Mike SmithCEA2ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Gareth FluskCEA3ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Warren KirstenCEA2ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Maarten MolenaarCEA3ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Justin SammonsCEA2ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Imraan KhanCEA2ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Stephen CookCEA1ELITE Graduate
900 Club

James HilditchCEA1ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Ryan Ten DoeschateCEA3ELITE Graduate
900 Club

Mark CharltonCEA1ELITE Graduate

Carl BradfieldCEA1ELITE Graduate

Murray RangerCEA1ELITE Graduate

James Cameron DowCEA3ELITE Graduate

Scott JacksonCEA2ELITE Graduate

Garreth Von HoesslinCEA1ELITE Graduate

Chris NashCEA1ELITE Graduate

Adam MilesCEA1ELITE Graduate

Gavin KaplanCEA2ELITE Graduate

Ryan HelbrechtCEA2ELITE Graduate

Justin KempCEA3ELITE Graduate

Callum AppleyardCEA2ELITE Graduate

Gerhard OosthuizenCEA3ELITE Graduate

JP DuminyCEA2ELITE Graduate

Claire TerblancheCEA1ELITE Graduate

Ross Van BuurenCEA3ELITE Graduate

George WienekusCEA2ELITE Graduate

Dinesha DevnerainCEA1ELITE Graduate

Husain BadatCEA1ELITE Graduate

Frances SullivanCEA2ELITE Graduate

Paul EdgellerCEA3ELITE Graduate

Derek MitchellCEA1ELITE Graduate

Rudolph BuysCEA2ELITE Graduate

Andrew BirchCEA1ELITE Graduate

Thabang KumaloCEA3ELITE Graduate

Rob Sholto DouglasCEA1ELITE Graduate

Ryan DeweyCEA2ELITE Graduate

Stephan MyburghCEA3ELITE Graduate

Abre VollgraaffCEA3ELITE Graduate

Murray SpenceCEA2ELITE Graduate

Liam TuckerCEA3ELITE Graduate

Ian HoptonCEA3ELITE Graduate

Paddy SteytlerCEA2ELITE Graduate

Kholikile MatkincaCEA1ELITE Graduate

Sravan DhulipalaCEA2ELITE Graduate

Martelize Van Der MerweCEA3ELITE Graduate

Alok SinghCEA3ELITE Graduate

Alex BarrowCEA1ELITE Graduate

Curtly DieselCEA1ELITE Graduate

Mthokozisi SheziCEA2ELITE Graduate

Vuyani ParafiniCEA2ELITE Graduate

Keenan MitchellCEA3ELITE Graduate

George SamuelCEA2ELITE Graduate

CoachED Alumni | Our CoachED journey!

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