About CoachED Cricket

Cricket Coach Education and Development

Whilst coaching cricket around the world, Gary Kirsten and his coaching team found an increasing number of coaches wishing to upgrade their skills and toolkits of their trade without having a platform to achieve it.

In many countries, the coach education pipeline is thwarted with red tape and barriers to entry and hence Gary and the team set out to create a platform for coaches to develop and learn their profession with a deeper understanding through an accessible online course which aims to teach coaches the basics and intricacies of the game in a holistic manner to maximize the potential of the players they are working with.

With up to date content, expert insight and an engaging interface we seek to enhance your journey as a Coach and we look forward to helping you grow yourself and the players you interact with.

Gary Kirsten | Course Director

All coaches work closely with Gary Kirsten and are kept informed of the latest cricket updates, information and coaching techniques. The experience and insight gained throughout his tenure as coach of powerful test playing nations has included far more than cricket itself. It is his skill for getting the best out of his players whilst maintaining their respect both on and off the field that has made him an inspirational leader.

Why Online Education?